Winter Driving Tips And New Stock Arriving Soon at Cheap Motoring Wroxham

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New stock is arriving and being prepared for January, including a splendid Audi A3 and a Fiesta Ghia all vehicles are checked before sale so you can buy with confidence. Winter checks are crucial, including tyres,heating system,wiper blades,deicer screen wash and battery and Anti-Freeze to name just the essentials.  see these top 10 Winter driving tips to help you out over the next Month or two.


Top 10 Winter Driving Tips
Always carry a survival pack in the car, including food, water and a blanket. This should include extra warm clothes.
Ensure your phone battery is fully charged and you have an in-car charger.
Put a shovel in your boot – in case you need to dig yourself out of trouble.
Consider fitting winter tyres, but even if you don’t, have your summer tyres checked. Winter driving means that tyres should have no less than 3mm remaining tread.
Have your battery checked. Batteries have to work extra hard in the cold and are more likely to fail.
Make sure your windscreen washer fluid is topped up with the correct concentration of screen wash. Windscreens get particularly dirty in the winter months and screen wash will help prevent the liquid from freezing.
Have your coolant checked – the antifreeze needs to protect your engine against the lowest of temperatures.
Have your air-con system serviced. It’s not just for summer – an effective air-con system will demist windscreens much more quickly, helping visibility.

Adjust your driving style to the conditions – be sensible in the rain, snow and ice.
Above all, in bad conditions consider whether your journey is really necessary.


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