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This Highline model Passat is built on the VW reputation for high standards of refined quality. The top of the range highline includes the satisfyingly 130 PD TDI engine provides economy at a average 55mpg , whilst supplying diesel torque of a staggering 130 BHP. It accompanies the larger corporate grille with flashings of chrome to finish the models extra refinements off. The Passat estate has a huge boot with sliding parcel shelf for security which makes it ideal for  a larger family or for popping down to your local DIY store on the Bank Holiday weekend. Visit my eBay by clicking here for price and details.

A sturdy car with four airbags as standard, ABS, brake assist and electronic stability systems, it is built with safety in mind. Security as standard is an immobiliser and interior protection alarm.

Generous sprinkling of toys on top of all the basics you’d expect. All models get air-con, four [...]

When is your timing belt due?

When it comes to car servicing, timing belt/cambelt replacement is without doubt the most important serviceable component of a car’s engine. The timing belt/cambelt has an incredibly important job controlling the camshafts in the engine and keeps it running smoothly, if left unchanged and it breaks, it can seriously lighten your wallet.

It is important that you know the change interval of your timing belt/cambelt as going over the manufacturers’ recommendation can lead to a slipped or snapped belt. In many cases this requires a new engine or engine build costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

You can rest assured all vehicles sold at Cheap Motoring have had the cam belts and serpentine belts replaced with quality components if due before sale.

Click on this link-  VW cam belt interval  it shows you the service schedule for the Volkswagen range of cam belt intervals. We are currently preparing [...]

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