Stop Start / Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Car Batteries

A Run on BMW & Mini Batteries (A559) Terminal 30 Power Supply
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The stop/start system was developed to help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and contribute to a safer environment.

A stop/start system shuts off your vehicle while stationary and can be restarted once the driver puts pressure on the accelerator or clutch. By shutting the engine off after about 1.5 seconds and prolonging this until it is safe to drive off, this technology is designed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 5-10%. This is one of the ways how vehicle manufactures reduce the (g/km) grams per kilometre using the stop/start to reduce a petrol or diesel engine burns fuel, carbon dioxide (CO2) produced

However, vehicles with start-stop technology place a greater demand on a vehicle’s battery – and this is where the AGM battery stands head and shoulders above the more conventional acid flooded lead battery.

I have had a run of these AGM batteries particularly on the BMW and Mini range, where you wouldn’t actually know there was a fault present, the vehicle starts in all temperatures, even when stood for a short while, however normally the stop/start function seldom works and on a deeper inspection there is the A559 terminal 30 fault codes ( BMW 118D & the MINI range)

Rest assured we replace these expensive batteries with either mainly Bosch AGM Varta or Exide prior to purchase if we feel they are going to fail within a Year of your vehicle purchase.

Cheap can be Cheerful after all.


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