Happy Easter Update – Supply & Demand Cheap Vehicles Fuel & Taxes

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Whilst the electric vehicle market is set to become ever more present in the passage of time, with environmental pressures and Government targets the consumer confidence in making the switch in to the newer technology is set to happen with the UK Government target of 2040.

However in the meantime and in light of the C-19 outbreak and with the pressure on global financial economy’s there will still be time to purchase a very efficient low emission Petrol or Diesel internal combustion engine at a very affordable price.

Fluctuations in the price of crude oil is having a significant impact on petrol and diesel prices as both drop towards £1 per litre and with (VED) Vehicle Excise Duty for Cars registered between March 1st 2001 and 31st March 2017  you will be able to purchase some very low emissions green cars with a low C02 of  111 – 120g/km you will only be paying £30 Per Year which is most commonly the type of vehicle we supply whilst the larger family vehicles and German estates we supply are no more than 141 – 150g/km which is tax band F and is still only £145 per Year, which really does make it Cheap motoring compared to the purchase of a brand new vehicle with all of the depreciating of value and taxes.

The current coronavirus situation is responsible for this drop with some predicting that the price of petrol and diesel could soon fall below £1 per litre so after the C-19 Crisis lock down has eased and when the time is right and when retail and travel and all other sections of Business and industries reopen and the economy starts to slowly regenerate and flourish it could be the time to replace your vehicle which has been stuck in the long grass over the recent Months due to Government advice or you might just want to treat yourself to a new and different used vehicle and support a local business. Either way we will continue to maintain all of our values and continue to supply vehicles at prices you can afford when times can be tough both now and in the future, but for now Happy Easter and keep on top of your current vehicle maintenance whilst not using it charging batteries and making sure hand brakes are not seized and with all of the spare time detailing the bodywork and interior to the highest valeting standards.






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