Audi TT MK1 Investing in Modern Appreciating Classic Cars

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Now 20 Years from launch the MK1 Audi TT is becoming a Modern Classic, we have seen the price of low mileage unmolested example’s commanding high prices all across the country, especially the lightweight, sport and 225 BHP models.

We have had the pleasure of owning and driving several MK1 Audi TT’s from the 150 BHP to the 3.2 manual, mention to add which is very rare for V6 example. The prices in the last 12 Months of a perfect MK1 with good heritage and provenance has increased as collector’s are becoming aware of future values. Just think if you purchased a nice example MK1 Golf GTI, or a Lotus elise or even a Ford Fiesta XR2 5 Years ago, you would have most certainly had a better return than cash in the bank!! We currently have a MK1 TT 225 BHP Roadster which is in collectors first class condition with genuine lower miles with full Audi service history and not only that it is a one DR owner from new!!

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